Hackett Mushrooms Ltd.


Coolkill East, Monaghan Town,

Co. Monaghan, Republic Of Ireland



Hackett Mushrooms is a leading mushroom producer in the border region of the republic of Ireland. Despite the success of the industry they have found themselves experiencing an increase in energy use along with a corresponding rise in energy cost particularly over the last five years.



The production of Mushrooms at this scale has corresponding high energy demands, with all Hackett Mushroom sites running at peak electric usage which is costing approx. €100,000 annually. This is coupled with a heating demand which is costing in the region of €50,000. The Hackett family are taking the pro-active step of investigating, if there is suitable renewable energy technology’s which will reduce their energy cost and make the business more economically sustainable into the future.



In recent times the rising energy costs is proving a catalyst for many to investigate the diversification into Anaerobic Digestion for electricity production. This CREST project is in essence a feasibility study on the viability of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant on site.



The report found that at the time of writing it is not economical however in the near future with could change with corresponding policy or incentive changes in the republic of Ireland. The report also has scoped out the scale, size and approx costs of setting up such a plant.