Instant Solar

Instant Solar Ltd.


Greenbean House, Coe’s Road Ind. Estate, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Republic of Ireland


Instant Solar power are developing a system to allow for office computers, servers and other IT type equipment to be powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels , with the grid connection only providing a backup in the event of P.V power not being available. Instant Solar power estimated that through a combination of energy management software, P.V power and battery Storage that their system uses less power than for a grid powered network. In 2007 the company commissioned Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) to create a product whereby Photovoltaic (PV) could be used in a novel way to power the IT suites.

To date trials have been undertake using an initial prototype device‘s. They want to be able to demonstrate that the technology can be used at a larger scale. They were therefore looking somewhere to undertake independent testing of the up scaled and refined products. CREST in Cavan were approached too see if this could be facilitated.


Instant solar believe there is a huge market potential for this type of product, particularly in developing countries where the grid network is not reliant. However in order to break into this market they need to be able to demonstrate the merits of their product, and to be able to back this up with independent trial results.

To minimise outlays instant solar were ideally looking for an institute/facility that already had solar panels installed and where staff with relevant experiences/qualifications would be available to undertake the testing. The challenge in finding such a facility was further compounded by some institutes unwillingness to take on a technology that hasn’t yet been proven on a larger scale.


Following initial discussions CREST agreed to assist with testing of the refined product, suited for larger scale installations. The project proposal was to identify with the following:


The CREST facility in Cavan had solar panels installed and modifications were made to the wiring system to facilitate testing of the instant solar equipment. The internal network within the building was also modified so that the system could power various networks and other devices. Through the CREST partners, a specialist in this field was identified to undertake the initial testing of the system. CREST collaborated with the client and obtained funding through SEAI to fund this testing. The systems was successfully installed and shown to be functioning without hindrance. Longer term monitoring and testing of the system is required to evaluate the overall performance of the system and CREST has identified possible funding options for this.
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